Jaggad Bush Capital Bush Marathon update

Thank you for entering the Jaggad Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival and supporting the Australian Mountain Running Association fundraising effort for the Australian mountain running team which will be competing in the World Long Course Mountain Running Championship and World Mountain Running Championship, both in Switzerland in September. We have a particularly strong women's long course team headed by 2005 and 2006 world long course champion Emma Murray, former world triathlon and duathlon champion Jackie Fairweather, Six Foot Track champion Isobel Bespalov, and renowned long distance trail runner Vanessa Haverd, who won last weekend's King of the Mountain 32kms in Nowra. Several team members will be out on the course looking after your drink stations. These include world champion Emma Murray at the marathon turn and world M50 champion Trevor Jacobs at the 60km turn.


The following is a listing of pre-entered competitors to date by chest number for each event. We have record numbers in the marathon, marathon relay, 60km ultra and the 16km and 25km bush walks. I am expecting another 50 to 100 entries in the next week.

To make it much easier for you (and for us) on the day, with the exception of overseas entrants, we are mailing out your chest numbers and you should receive them early next week.

To avoid any need for you to queue before the start, when you finish you will take your chest number to the registration tent and collect both your race mug and your Jaggad vest. On your chest number, we are writing the size of vest you have specified on your entry form.


In 2005 and 2006 we had perfect weather conditions: cool, still and sunny. Things are looking promising for a repeat this year. The current Canberra forecast over the next week is as follows:

Friday Fine, sunny. Min -1 Max 10
Saturday Fine, sunny. Min -1 Max 11
Sunday Fine, sunny. Min -2 Max 11
Monday Fine, mostly sunny. Min 0 Max 13
Tuesday Fine, mostly sunny. Min 1 Max 14
Wednesday Fine, mostly sunny. Min 1 Max 14
Keep watching http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDN10035.txt for weather forecast updates.


After recent rain, the ground on the trails is softer than in the drought conditions of last year.


At the refreshment stations (see the map on the website www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/events/bmarathon) there will be water, Sports drink, and lollies such as jubes and jelly babies (mainly for substance for the longer distances).


If you have supporters at the race with digital cameras with 5 megapixels or more, please encourage them to take photos and send them to us afterwards so we can post them on the race website.


We are also keen to receive post-race reports for publication on the website and in the Australian Mountain Running Newsletter.


We are looking for a few extra helpers in the start/finish area, so if you have a spouse/friend who would like to help out while waiting for you to come in, please contact me on hackettrunner@hotmail.com


John Harding
Race Director




103 Shona Alexander
16krun 104 Scott Alexander
16krun 105 Katrine Benton
16krun 106 Philippa Hosie
16krun 107 Tim Yapp
16krun 108 jan kruger
16krun 109 nicole martin
16krun 110 claire barbato
16krun 111 Barbara Williams
16krun 112 Karen Burton
16krun 113 Jeffrey Gardner
16krun 114 Kirk McKenzie
16krun 115 Joe Andrews
16krun 116 Hayden Marshall
16krun 117 Ian McDonald
16krun 118 Michael Barnsley
16krun 119 Louisa Barnsley
16krun 120 Sarah Todd
16krun 121 Jennifer Gilchrist
16krun 122 Libby Adamson
16krun 123 andrew bowman
16krun 124 Belinda Gilchrist
16krun 125 Ianthe Sayers
16krun 126 Norma Wallett
16krun 127 Chris Lathbury
16krun 101 Judith May
16krun 102 Stephen Blair
16krun 128 Ann Dawson
16krun 129 Deborah Hein
16krun 130 Nicole Hanna
16krun 133 Antony Mason
16krun 134 Michael Thomson
16krun 135 Peter McDonald
16krun 137 Diana Schneider
16krun 138 John Kennedy
16krun 139 Gary Potter
16krun 140 stephen tetley
16krun 141 geoff Barker
16krun 142 Margie van Belkom
16krun 143 Tony Beasley
16krun 144 Julia Reed
16krun 145 Nadine Thomlinson
16krun 146 Helen Wilson
16krun 147 Anthony Olliffe
16krun 148 Catherine Montalto
16krun 149 Graeme Patrick
16krun 150 Vy Duong
16krun 151 Raelene Farrell
16krun 152 Josephine Hermans
16krun 153 Katherine Bryant
16krun 154 Belinda Lockwood
16krun 155 Paco Iglesias
16krun 156 Mike Kennedy
16krun 157 Horst Punzmann
16krun 158 Julia Simic
16krun 159 Liza Martini
16krun 160 Joanne Rice
16krun 161 Kim Pidcock
16krun 162 salih ozgul
16krun 163 Jim White
16krun 164 Maria White
16krun 165 Charlie McCormack
16krun 166 Bronwyn Wiseman
16krun 167 Sam Nelson
16krun 168 Rad Leovic
16krun 169 Caroline Campbell
16krun 170 Rilka Macainsh
16krun 171 Kevin Chapman
16krun 172 Blair Phillips
16krun 173 Mal Page
16krun 174 Bradley Finnigan
16krun 175 James Minto
16krun 176 Victoria Clark
16krun 177 Bernie Rogers
16krun 178 Jenny Odgers
16krun 179 Leah Afiabo
16krun 180 Richard Faulks
16krun 181 Beryl Walsh
16krun 182 Kerrie O'Connell
16kwalk 701 Anny Kwok
16kwalk 702 Valerie FitzPatrick
16kwalk 703 Rick Youssef
16kwalk 704 Lisa Cougle
16kwalk 705 Katrina Wotton
16kwalk 706 Christine Butzer
16kwalk 707 Peta Jacobs
16kwalk 708 Susannah Helman
16kwalk 709 Diann Bramwell
25krun 301 Ailsa McPherson
25krun 302 Lorraine Allen
25krun 303 Michelle Greenwood
25krun 304 Phong Vu
25krun 305 Anthony kennedy
25krun 306 mark everton
25krun 307 Brad Boyle
25krun 308 Doug Fry
25krun 309 damian smith
25krun 310 leigh spokes
25krun 311 alex miller
25krun 312 Brett Schumacher
25krun 313 George Masri
25krun 314 Ben Trevaskis
25krun 315 Michael Reppion
25krun 316 Andrew Sayers
25krun 317 Mick HORAN
25krun 318 Maria O'Reilly
25krun 319 Ewen Thompson
25krun 320 Steve Appleby
25krun 321 Peter Thomson
25krun 322 Jason Lee
25krun 323 Mark Kethro
25krun 324 Elle Knight
25krun 325 Katie Conn
25krun 326 Emma Adams
25krun 327 Mathew Jose
25krun 328 Annette Sugden
25krun 329 Simon Scarano
25krun 330 Graham Atkins
25krun 331 Angela Bateup
25krun 332 Philip Fleischer
25krun 333 Ian Garrity
25krun 334 Matthew Hole
25krun 335 Travis Haslam
25krun 336 Bob Harlow
25krun 337 Eddie Fardell
25krun 338 Geoff Hawke
25krun 339 Peter Hogan
25krun 340 Steven Barry
25krun 341 Grant O'Neill
25krun 342 David Close
25krun 343 Steve Bradford
25krun 344 Prue Bradford
25krun 345 Ian Tucker
25krun 346 Kerry Bartlett
25krun 347 Gavin Keating
25krun 348 Ross Stewart
25krun 349 Peter Johnson
25krun 350 Nick Blackaby
25krun 351 Helen Larmour
25krun 352 Raymond Bramwell
25krun 353 MARIO LAROCCA
25kwalk 601 Gavan McCormack
25kwalk 602 Kerry Taylor
25kwalk 603 Kathryn Kerr
25kwalk 604 Brenton Philp
42kearly 451 Willy Stern
42kearly 452 julia Thorn
42kearly 453 graham spokes
42kearly 454 Don MacIntyre
42kearly 455 Hugh CRAWLEY
42kearly 456 Ray James
42kearly 457 Pat Fisher
42kearly 458 Gary Pattrick
42kearly 459 Julie Colbran
42kearly 460 Peter Gray
42krun 401 Nick Mesher
42krun 402 Brad Simmons
42krun 403 Ivan Perez Wurfl
42krun 404 Katherine Meyer
42krun 405 Sam Morley
42krun 406 alex ozkan
42krun 407 Roger Pilkington
42krun 408 Elizabeth Bennett
42krun 409 Bob McNaught
42krun 410 Tony Swan
42krun 411 Robert Ey
42krun 412 Peter FitzPatrick
42krun 413 Matt Hegarty
42krun 414 wayne crook
42krun 415 Tim Sawkins
42krun 416 Terry Maidment
42krun 417 DAVID STYLES
42krun 418 Vanessa Haverd
42krun 419 Judi Barton
42krun 420 Clayton Spence
42krun 421 Rick Patzold
5krun 501 David McClenaghan
5krun 502 Nyree Kueter
5krun 503 Maybritt Prahl
5krun 504 Jay McWilliam
60kearly 51 Alexander Wilkinson
60kearly 52 Ludwig Herpich
60kearly 53 Louis Commins
60kearly 54 Seb Dunne
60kearly 55 Veronica Black
60kearly 56 Brett Saxon
60kearly 57 Peter Grace
60kearly 58 Karen Foat
60kearly 59 John Lawson
60kearly 60 Kerrie Bremner
60kearly 61 Anthony Li Chiang
60kearly 62 Simon Curry
60kearly 63 Craig George
60kearly 64 Grant Campbell
60krun 5 Mick Corlis
60krun 6 Paul Monks
60krun 7 Andrew Johnson
60krun 9 Rod Cutler
60krun 10 Glenn Lockwood
60krun 11 Ian Wright
60krun 1 Jackie Fairweather
60krun 2 Simon Fairweather
60krun 3 Peter Thomas
60krun 4 Malcolm Gamble
relay2person R1 Lia Bull
relay2person R1 Brett Morrison
relay2person R2 Susanne Watkins
relay2person R2 Adam Richardson
relay3person R3 Colleen Beven
relay3person R3 Paul Sullivan
relay3person R3 Ross McGarvie
relay4person R4 Clive Vogel
relay4person R4 Cerina Meredith
relay4person R4 Fran Plunkett
relay4person R4 Georgina Verity Williams