Results – Koskiuszko Classic

Koskiuszko Classic 4.8kms
Snowy River bridge to Mt Kosciuszko, NSW

Saturday 16 January


Horspool takes out Kosciuszko Classic

New Zealander Nick Horspool overcame a strong headwind that was sweeping foggy cloud over the range and down Rawson’s Pass in winning the 2010 Kosciuszko Classic. The 4.8 km course climbs 400 metres from the Snowy River bridge on the summit walk to the top of Mt Kosciuszko. Horspool (pictured on the left warming up with Nick Vithalis and David Hutchinson) took 21.42, with Hutchinson second in 22.50 and Rohan Lowry third in 23.33. Fifteen year old Sean Guiney was an impressive 4th in 24.30, with his sister Genevieve fastest female in 33.59. Linda Banning was second female in 35.34 and Genevieve Dennis third in 42.00.

The race was initially officially cancelled by National Running Week Director Brian Lenton as strong winds and white-out fog at 10am gave every indication of a pending more severe weather change. Fortunately the front passed quickly, clear skies emerged and most of the competitors chose to self time their own runs.


1 Nick Horspool 21.42, 2 David Hutchinson 22.50, 3 Rohan Lowry 23.33, 4 Sean Guiney 24.30, 5 Ryan Armstrong 24.53, 6 Chad Armstrong 25.00, 7 Robert Spilling 26.22, 8 Nick Vithalis 28.00, 9 Graham Atkins 29.18, 10 Andrew Guiney 32.00, 11 David Close 33.50, 12 Stuart Fitch 35.24, 13 John Walton 44.01, 14 Herb Willems 47.00.


1 Genevieve Guiney 33.59, 2 Linda Banning 35.34, 3 Genevieve Dennis 42.00, 4 Beryl Lowry 49.49.