2022 Australian Up Down Mountain Running Championships wrap up

Results and photos

Results: 2022 Up/Down Australian Mountain Running Championships, 13/06/2022 : : my.race|result (raceresult.com)

Starts, finishes and presentations by John Harding and course pics by Stuart Doyle:
13 June 2022 Australian Up Down Mtn Running Championships – hardingjohn (smugmug.com)

Summit photos from the Uphill Championships and mid course photos from the Up Down Championships by Scott Sheppeard, Director of Photography at Spartan Australia:
Australian Mountain Running Championships – Google Drive

Course photos by Steven Hanley:

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2. Race report
At 9am there was frost on the grass and ice in some puddles but it was sunny with no wind so good running conditions for the men’s 12.6 kms race at 9.30am followed by the women’s 12.6 kms at 9.40am and junior 6 kms at 9.50am.

Saturday’s Australian uphill mountain running champion, Mark Bourne of the ACT was first to the halfway at the summit in 33.52, not much slower than his winning uphill time of 33.09. Hot on his heels only one second slower was Ben Duffus of QLD in 33.53, much faster than his Saturday 3rd place time of 34.39. The times of the next runners to the summit were very interesting: Andrew Gatenby 34.55 (34.58 on Saturday), Leo Peterson 35.13 (did not run Saturday), Brodie Nankervis 35.20 (35.40 on Saturday), James Minto 35.29 (34.56 on Saturday) and Jack Brand 36.06 (36.00 on Saturday).
They say in the marathon that the race begins at the 32 km mark. In The Up/Down Championship a new race definitely began at the turnaround point on the summit, when a number of runners turned on the afterburners for the downhill run. None more so than Brodie Nankervis who reached the summit in 5th place averaging 5.36 per km for his 35.20 then ran a scintillating 17.46 back down, averaging an incredible breath taking 2.49 per km, to clock 53.06 and finish second to Ben Duffus who ran 18.44 for the downhill to produce a winning time of 52.37. In 3rd place in 53.38 was Leo Peterson who was 2nd fastest downhill in 18.25, averaging 2.55 per km. Andrew Gatenby finished 4th in 53.48 (18.53 for the downhill), Mark Bourne 5th in 54.49 (20.57 descent), Jack Brand 6th in 54.54 (18.48 descent) and James Minto 7th (20.54 descent).

The placings in the women’s Up/Down Championship were the same as in the Uphill Championship: Simone Brick 1st in 1.00.25, Elena Stephenson 2nd in 1.02.36 and Louise Sharp 3rd in 1.04.38, followed by Brittany Harriden 4th in 1.04.46 and Rachel Ayres 5th in 1.05.24. First to the summit had been Simone Brick in 39.32 (38.30 on Saturday). Brittany Harriden was second in 40.47, a time that would have placed her 2nd in the Uphill Championship which she did not contest. Elena Stephenson was 3rd to the summit in 41.07 (slightly faster than her 41.10 on Saturday), Louise Sharp 4th in 41.50 (41.47 on Saturday) and Rachel Ayres 5th in 42.57. The fastest descent times were Simone Brick 20.53 (3.19 per km), Elena Stephenson 21.29, Rachel Ayres 22.27, Louise Sharp 22.48 and Brittany Harriden 23.59.

In the men’s Masters age groups, the age group champions were M40 James Minto in 56.23, M45 Mick Dargan in 1.18.08, M50 Paul Stein in 1.08.33, M55 Steve Graham in 1.14.36, M60 Simon Claringbold in 1.13.19 and M70 Trevor Jacobs in 1.36.00.
In the women’s Masters age groups, the age group champions were W45 Emma O’Sullivan in 1.17.36, W50 Shiree Yap in 1.16.11, and W65 Sue Bowden in 1.40.17.

The Australian Junior Men’s 6 kms Up/Down Championship was hotly contested, with Lawson Duff of Victoria first in 26.01 (4.20 per km) and Zach Newsham of QLD 2nd in 26.19 (4.23 per km). The Australian Junior Women’s 6 kms Up/Down Championship was won by Maeve Bradbury of NSW 34.24 (5.44 per km), with Mercede Cornelius-Feltus of NSW 2nd in 35.09 (5.52 per km).

3 Race help acknowledgment
Steve Angus, owner of the Ballineen property used for parking and registration. The course itself on the Mt Tennent fire trail was in great condition thanks to Namadgi National Park.
Online registration and website management was by Mick Corlis.
Athletics Australia provided overall placing medals and the Australian Mountain Running Association the age group medals.
Many thanks to the event helpers on the day: FlyerUltra Timing (Martin Fryer and Mick Corlis), John Harding, Steven Hanley, Barbara McKay, Jenni Schofield, Scott McTaggart, Pam Muston, Monika Holmwood, Will McCarthy, Stephen Graham, Stuart Doyle, Scott Sheppeard and Sports Medicine Australia support by Paul Robey.

Thanks also to Leo Peterson who pulled out a bogged vehicle and the various people who helped connect the portaloo trailer back on the 4WD for towing return.

4 World Mountain Running Championships, 3-6 November, 2022, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Website: Amazing Thailand WMTRC 2022 Chiang Mai – by Tri-League (Thailand) (wmtrc2021thailand.com)
Friday 4 November: 8.5 km uphill championship, 1014m elevation gain, for senior men and women
Sunday 6 November: 11.2 km up/down championships for senior men and women, 475m elevation gain. 6.4 km up/down championships for junior men and women, 224m elevation gain.

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