Andrew Lee 26th in World Long Distance Championship

World Long Distance MountaIn Running Challenge
Pike’s Peak Ascent, 21kms
Colorado USA
Saturday 21 August 2010


Picture: Andrew Lee and Brendan Davies (from Brendan Davies)

Andrew Lee has finished 26th and 5th M40 in 2:41:10 in the gruelling 21km Pike’s Peak Ascent, with fellow Australian team member Brendan Davies 86th in 3:05:35. The start was at 1,920m altitude and the summit at 4,302m, where there is 43% less oxgen than at sea level.

Andrew commented, ‘Pound for pound the toughest run I’ve ever done…. but still enjoyed it. The trail/course and surrounds are absolutely beautiful, which helps! We had picture perfect weather as well.
With all due respect, this event has in my opinion overtaken 6ft and TNF100 in this regard in terms of toughness. A relentless incline and as you get 3 miles from the finish (tree line) it is very hard to get rhythm as it is uneven and rocky in parts – not to mention the fact your up about 4000mr in elvtn. It’s no coincidence that above tree line is where the altitude / oxygen debt grabs hold of you and that tree’s from this point (3 miles to go) simply just dont grow!
But what a day though… a great experience and one that I’ll never forget.’

Brendan commented, ‘Toughest race I’ve ever done! Smashed by altitude around 3500m. Happy with result. Great race, great spirit!’

USA runners from Colorado dominated the male and female placings. Glen Randall from Colorado set a new course record of 2:09:28, with Mark Lauenstein of Switzerland second in 2:12:19 and Rickey Gates of Coloado third in 2:16:44.

The women’s race was taken out by Brandy Erholtz of Coloado in 2:41:38, with Kim Dobson also of Colorado second in 2:41:51 and Anna Frost of Great Britain third in 2:42:46.


            Name                    Age  Time      City            St
        1  Glenn Randall            23  2:09:28   Mesa            CO
        2  Marc Lauenstein          29  2:12:19   Peseux          CHE
        3  Rickey Gates             29  2:16:44   Boulder         CO
        4  Ryan R Hafer             24  2:20:04   Colorado Spgs   CO
        5  Alex F Nichols           25  2:20:57   Colorado Spgs   CO
        6  Andy S Peace             41  2:22:25   Keighley        GBR
        7  Morgan J Donnelly        37  2:23:05   Appleby-in-Wes  GBR
        8  Peter M Maksimow         31  2:26:39   Manitou Spring  CO
        9  Galen Burrell            31  2:26:55   San Francisco   CA
       10  Miguel Lopez             31  2:27:52   Tepatitlan Jal  MEX
       26  Andrew Lee               40  2:41:10   AUSTRALIA
       86  Brendan Davies           33  3:05:35   AUSTRALIA


           Name                    Age  Time      City            St
        1  Brandy L Erholtz         32  2:41:38   Evergreen       CO
        2  Kim S Dobson             26  2:41:51   Aurora          CO
        3  Anna H Frost             29  2:42:46   Wrecsam         GBR
        4  Keri A Nelson            29  2:46:19   Moab            UT
        5  Anna L Lupton            32  2:46:36   Manchester      GBR
        6  Katherine E Koski        37  2:46:53   Duluth          MN
        7  Victoria L Wilkinson     32  2:48:46   Skipton         GBR
        8  Ashlee K Nelson          29  2:50:04   Colorado Spgs   CO
        9  Claire F Gordon          33  2:53:50   West Lothian    SC
       10  Anja Carlsohn            31  2:54:33   Potsdam         DEU

                                     Masters Male

           Name                    Age  Time      City            St
        1  Mike Kloser              50  2:31:32   Vail            CO
        2  John A Brown             41  2:32:32   Manchester      MA
        3  Michael J Hagen          48  2:35:39   Colorado Spgs   CO
        4  Johannes Rudolph         45  2:40:25   Boulder         CO
        5  Andrew M Lee             40  2:41:10   Warrimoo        AUS