Bright Alpine 4 Peaks cancelled but training runs will go ahead

The Bright Alpine Four Peaks scheduled for 30 October to 2 November has been cancelled due to the very serious illness suffered by longtime co-organiser Elaine Splatt (see the email message below).

Several Canberra runners including David Osmond and Vanessa Haverd and a group of Billy’s Bushies headed by Max Bogenhuber intend travelling to Bright anyway and running the mountains, meeting at the starting places for an 8.30am start. The only change is that Max Bogenhuber’s group has advised:

“We plan to do Mt Bogong, instead of Mystic Mountain, on the first day (Saturday). We plan to start at 8:00. In case any of them are interested to do that with us, anyone is welcome. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, please give them my e-mail address and/or my phone number ((02) 9542-5523). 
The start of the Mt Bogong track is from Mountain Creek Camp Ground, about 5k from Tawonga township.
Thanks…Max Bogenhuber”.

To all 4 peaks oldies and new entry hopefuls.

Very regrettably I must cancel the 32nd running of the event.
It maybe another body will restart it for 2011, but this would be extremely doubtful.
I have the deepest concerns for all those dedicated runners/walkers who have pre booked.
The inconvenience I impose upon these people on such short notice is unfortunate,
to me it’s heart breaking.
We have many Volunteers and without them it’s true the event couldn’t take place.
All armies need a leader and Elaine and I have been at the helm for 31 years.
Just the 4 days of the Melbourne Cup Week-end alone uses 140 hrs of our time
not to mention about the 400 hrs in lead up time.
Without this I have no option to walk away and leave people stranded for want of a better word.
In just 5 weeks Elaine has been laid low with the worst cancer.
There is no absolute cure. Chemo will hopefully extend her longevity, but history tells us it always returns
and no treatment is then possible.
Elaine needs me every minute of this time.
Elaine has a great range of
T shirts, 3/4 sleeve fitted ladies T/shirts and singlets and a few windcheaters all $10.00
Men’s butch shirts and Singlets and a few children tops all $5.00
Hopefully these will be on sale in a Main Street stall.
This will be your last chance to have a shirt to commemorate 31 years of 4 peaks.
All proceeds will go to wiping out the cancer scourge.
Because of my ability to determine where I’ll be at any given time any queries should be directed
to Dot Murray or 03 57562620
Our best wishes to all.
Reggie and Elaine