2012 Australian Mountain Running Association (AMRA) membership

2012 Australian Mountain Running Association (AMRA) membership

AMRA membership

Membership is from 1 January through to 31 December.

Family Membership ($25.00)
Individual Membership ($20.00)

Note: Definition of a Family membership: Up to 2 adults plus children in the same family up to 23 years of age who are full time students.

Join here https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=4736


The Australian Mountain Running Association has partnered with Trail Run magazine to provide AMRA members with access to great coverage of trail running in Australia and New Zealand. Information on Trail Run magazine and deals offered to AMRA members are as follows.

Trail Run mag is Australasia’s only magazine entirely devoted to the dirty art of trail running. Through forests, up mountains, across deserts…as long as it’s wild and dirty and there’s scant hint of boring bitumen, we’ll cover it. There are electronic zines available FREE to download quarterly (www.trailrunmag.com/zines) and limited edition print editions published biannually. Both are available at www.trailrunmag.com. AMRA supports Trail Run Mag in its efforts to promote mountain running and trail running in Australia and New Zealand, while the good folk at Trail Run Mag supports AMRA through promoting the benefits of AMRA membership to the burgeoning trail running community while also offering a significant discount on hardcopy editions for all AMRA members, who can get their hands on the magazine for HALF PRICE: $10 + P&P ($5 in AU).

If you wish to take up the discounted rate, please go to www.trailrunmag.com/shop where you will find a product labelled ‘AMRA Membership Promo 2011/12’.

Trail Run Mag is always keen to hear from its readers willing to contribute articles and photography.

More details on Trail Run Mag can be found at:

And watch out for more special offers through Trail Run Mag accessible only to AMRA members.