Gone Running to Tasmania Training Tour, February 2013

Gone Running to Tasmania Training Tour‏

14-17 February 2013

In 2006 Hanny Allston became the first non-European to win a World Orienteering Championships. At the time, the Swiss went into shock whilst the Scandinavians scratched their heads and asked, ‘How could someone from Tasmania achieve that?’ Not long afterwards, two Swedish journalists were sent all the way to Tasmania to find out more about this magical little island and its inhabitants who are tucked so neatly away under the rest of Australia that it often gets left off the maps. What did they uncover? Empty trails, white sandy beaches, river gorges, extreme diversity in vegetations, steep craggy mountains… and a crazy breed of individuals who love to explore it all… running. Find Your Feet is now providing opportunities to run with World Champion Hanny Allston in her home playground of Tasmania.
Find Your Feet is a coaching and performance consulting business that was started by Allston in November 2009 in an attempt to foster running experiences more diverse than pounding pavements. After two years of successful coaching in Tasmania, Allston relocated to Canberra. Today the business incorporates: running technique coaching; training program and performance consulting; life and health coaching; and most recently Gone Running Training Tours.
Find Your Feet welcomes runners to join the Gone Running Tour to Tasmania to experience wilderness trail running with the finer sides of life too – wicked food, accommodation, deserted beaches and mountain scenery. Both Allston and her partner, Graham Hammond, have, amongst other things, been Wilderness Guides in Tasmania for numerous years and will provide insights into the experiences and national parks. They have structured a tour to include the World Heritage Areas of Maria Island and the Cradle Mountain National Park, and WIneglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula that has been voted as one of the world’s top 10 beaches by Lonely Planet. Further to this, Allston will provide technical coaching assistance on running technique, nutrition, training programs and race-day performances. She can’t guarantee that you will all become World Champions after the four days but she can ensure you will all be pulling on your running shoes for more.
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