New Zealand Mountain Running Championships on 13 April in Wellington

FROM: Glenn Hughes
The NZ champs are on 13 April in Wellington. It is not the same course as the world champs were on in 2005, but in the Hutt Valley just north of Wellington city. The link below roughly shows the course detail. The course is not a lapped course, but one circuit about 5km for JW, 8km for Vets, JM and Women, and 13km for SM.

The course is a mixture of mountain bike tracks, but mainly wide open gravel roads. It will be a challenging course, but probably not as steep as traditional mountain running courses (i.e. the 2005 Mt Victoria course).
If anyone is interested in racing, we could possibly sort out some people to stay with and transport from the airport and to the race etc.
Wellington has an abundance of mountain runners so we should get some good fields this year.
Entries details will be available on