Wet and miserable weather for August Mt Ainslie Run Up

Mt Ainslie Run Up
2.3 km ACT
Tuesday 6 August 2013

Weather: Cold light drizzling rain, wind speed 30 kph gusting to 40 kph, temp 8.6 degrees, wind chill temp 2 degrees at bottom of mountain, sub-zero at summit! No signs were put out for the first time ever because of the foul weather and the expectation that only keen regular participants would turn up. However, 2 newcomers did! Fortunately they found their way okay.

Good news: In the 15 year history of the monthly Mt Ainslie Run Up, there has only been one other day in all that time with similar weather conditions.

Males: 1 Simon Claringbold 13.23, 2 Kieran Macdonnell 15.13, 3 James Bradley 16.00, 4 Paul Doyle 16.12, 5 Peter Burke 16.35, 6 Craig Wurtz 16.50, 7 Tony Olliffe 17.09, 8 Peter Taft 19.37, 9 Michael Burt 20.55.

Females: eq.1 Gemma Worland and Leonie Doyle 18.05.