Fattorini and Burgess 21st and 35th in World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship

World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship
Maraton Karkonoski
44 km, 2150m of climb
3 August 2013

Six Foot Track champions Tony Fattorini and Sara Burgess represented Australia in this year’s World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship. Fattorini achieved one of the best results ever by an Australian male at this Championship, finishing 21st in 3.40.14 for the 41 km course with about 2000m of climb. Sara Burgess finished 35th among the women in 4.54.24.

WMRA story: http://www.wmra.ch/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=799&Itemid=2

Full results: http://www.online.datasport.pl/results879/

1 Mitja Kosovelj (Slovenia) 3.07.36
2 Andrew Davies (Wales) 3.13.39
3 Ionut Zinca (Romania) 3.14.00
21 Tony Fattorini (Australia) 3.40.14.

1 Antonella Confortola (Italy) 3.44.51
2 Ornella Ferrara (Italy) 3.48.41
3 Anna Celinska (Poland) 3.51.21
35 Sara Burgess (Australia) 4.54.24.