Doyle and Quinn take out Mt Ainslie Run Up in strong wind

Mt Ainslie Run Up
2.3 km, ACT
Tuesday 1 October 2013

Weather: – 15 deg, NNW winds up to 63km/hr.
Race director: Stuart Doyle

Wet and wild conditions didn’t deter the eighteen brave urchins who turned up to compete in the monthly Ainslie Run-Up today. While winds were gusting over 60km/hr, the remarkable 20 year record (of it never raining during the actual run) continued, as the rain cleared for 45 minutes only to return 15 minutes after the event was over!

A classy women’s field was led by rogaining champion and ultra supremo Julie Quinn, closely followed by 2012 Australian mnt reps Elizabeth Humphries and Louise Sharp, who are both on the comeback from injuries. Meanwhile, in the men’s category, cameo race director Stuart Doyle, had to bust a gut to get to the finish line first, in order to record the time of former Australian mnt champion David Osmond. First timer Jeremy Walker had a good run to finish 3rd male. Caroline Campbell had another super run in the vets category.


1. Stuart Doyle 12:03
2. David Osmond 12:23
3.(1st Fem) Julie Quinn 14:41
4. Jeremy Walker 14:42
5.(2nd) Elizabeth Humphries 15:03
6. Peter Burke 15:13
7. Paul Doyle 15:48
8.(3rd) Louise Sharp 16:09
9. Peter Thompson 16:56
10. Craig Wursz 17:26
11. Dan Smyth 18:02
12.(4th) Kerry Muir 18:13
13. Arnie Riedl 18:15
14. Andrew Sutcliffe 19:02
15. Peter Taft 19:47
16. Michael Burt 20:18
17. Mark Campbell 20:24
18.(5th) Caroline Campbell 21:56