Crompton, Schwebel and Walton all top 20 in World Masters Mountain Running Championships

World Masters Mountain Running Championships
Betys y Coed
Saturday 12 September 2015

Weather: Intermittent showers throughout the day.

Courses: 10.6 km with 500m of ascent; 8.7  km with 450m of ascent. Quite muddy underfoot in many places.

Photo album: on Australian Mountain Running Facebook page.

Cathy Crompton was the highest placed of the Australians in the World Masters Mountain Running Championships in Wales, finishing 9th in W55 in 56.54 for the 8.7 km up and down loop course that included two major climbs. Over the same course Ron Schwebel and John Walton were very competitive in their races, Schwebel finishing 13th in M60 in 47.36 and Walton 18th in M65 in 53.09. A top 10 beckoned for Schwebel with 2 km to go but he could not run as fast on the big downhill finish and was passed by 4 others. Stephen Graham ran the 10.6 km course in M60 and was fairly pleased with his run in finishing 40th in 62.05. Anthony Henshaw was a late entry in M55 and finished an unofficial 46th in 70 minutes.

Australian results: W55 8.7k 9th Cathy Crompton 56.54; M60 8.7k 13th Ron Schwebel 47.36; M65 8.7k 18th John Walton 53.09; M50 10.6k 40th Stephen Graham 40th 62.05; M55 8.7k Anthony Henshaw 46th 70.00.