English orienteering international Ralph Street wins Bright Four Peaks

Bright Alpine Four Peaks
Bright Victoria

31 October to 3 November, 2015

Website: http://www.4peaks.com.au/

Draft overall results as follows: Note that the results for day 2 were cancelled because of an electrical storm on Mt Feathertop. There was wet weather for days 1 and 3 as well, but fine on the last day. See the website for full results in a couple of days.

Men’s overall

1. Ralph Street 3.29.45
2. Ben Derrick 3.32.18
3. Tom Brazier 3.32.26

Women’s overall

1. Meg Reeves 4.20.37
2. Lucy Bartholomew 4.27.32
3. Gill Fowler 4.27.33

Age group winners

Under 18
Male: Joshua Twite
No females

Male: Ralph Street
Female: Lucy Bartholomew

Male: Valerio Leccardi
Female: Meg Reeves

Male: Ben Derrick
Female: Fiona Gordon

Male: Robin Rishworth
Female: Sue Clark

Male: Neil Hawthorne
Female: Anne Mackie