Australian champion Elizabeth Humphries runs fast time up Mt Ainslie

Mt Ainslie Run Up
2.3 km
Tuesday 4 October 2016

Organiser: Trevor Jacobs

Weather: Gale force winds, cool, cloudy.

A strong field in the Mt Ainslie Run Up in Canberra today despite foul weather. Australian mountain running champion Elizabeth Humphries clocked the fastest time by a female for a few years. Many thanks to Trevor Jacobs for organising at short notice.

Males: James Minto 12.10, Sam Burridge 12.25, Rowan Beggs French 12.44, Brad Hetharia 12.55, Zac Barnhill 12.55, Jack Chenoweth 13.59, Craig Wurtz 16.06, Dustin Page 17.08, Trevor Jacobs 18.00. Michael Burt 21.59, Eric Wainwright 24.14, Rad Leovic 44.12.

Females: Elizabeth Humphries 13.03, Sarah Leyden 21.39, Megan O’Neill 22.40.