2017 Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival newsletter, 18 October 2017

2017 Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival newsletter, 18 October 2017

  1. 1.     Registration centre, start/finish, and car parking for both days
    The start/finish and registration tent is on the north side of Campbell High School, outside the gymnasium which has male and female toilets and change rooms. Only 100 metres away there is plenty of parking at the CSIRO Headquarters car park. To access this from Limestone Avenue turn on to Quick Street in Ainslie then turn right in to Hayley Street and follow it south for 300 metres to the CSIRO car park. Please DO NOT PARK at the War Memorial or Campbell High car park off Treloar Crescent, or anywhere on the south side of the school, and then walk past the school buildings to get to the start/finish. If you do, you will probably set off the school building alarm system, which is extremely loud and difficult to get turned off. 

Please download a copy of the start/finish map, event program, course maps and other event information at http://www.coolrunning.com.au/calendar/public_html/2017/2017e010.pdf

  1. Event program

SATURDAY  21 October 2017

6.15am           Registration opens to collect race bibs

7.00am           63.3km ultra marathon run; 42.2km bush marathon power walk

8.00am           42.2km bush marathon run; half marathon power walk

9.00am           21.1km bush half marathon run

SUNDAY  22 October 2017

7.30am           Registration opens to collect race bibs

8.30am            16km bush run and 16km bush walk

10.30am          10km run and walk

10.40am          Under 13 years 2km children’s run

11.00am          5km run & walk

Arrival time for your event
It is recommended that you aim to arrive 1 hour prior to your start time to allow sufficient time to find a parking spot, walk to the start/finish area, collect your race bib and pin it on the front of your T shirt or vest, warm up, visit the toilets, and attend the compulsory pre-start briefing 10 minutes before each start.


  1. 3.     Weather forecast (see http://www.bom.gov.au/act/forecasts/canberra.shtml)
    The current weather forecast is for it to rain all day Friday and through the night into Saturday morning. Then be mostly sunny with a temperature range from 3 to 21. So there is a possibility if you are running the ultra or the marathon that you will get rained on. Come prepared.

    On Sunday the forecast is mostly sunny, with temperatures from 5 to 21 degrees.


  1. 4.     Start lists and race bibs
    Start lists are on the website at http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php?module=News&action=ShowNews&id=564


Race numbers have electronic timing chips attached and must be collected when you arrive on race day. If you are doing 2 events, eg. half marathon on Saturday and 16k on Sunday, you will need 2 bib numbers, one bib for each race.  
Race numbers for all runners and walkers MUST be worn on the front of the chest clothing and clearly visible as you approach the finish line for the electronic chip to work and to facilitate backup recording of finishers. You must not have a backpack strap over the bib as this can prevent the electronic chip from recording.

  1. 5.     Pre event injuries and ill health
    Each year some runners start the events with pre-existing injuries which they managed by taking pain killers pre-start and while out on the course. The Sports Medicine Australia attendants have said that this is extremely dangerous, both to health and to masking pain from an impending stress fracture or muscle or ligament failure. Please DO NOT START in these circumstances.

    You can also swap to a shorter distance or do one of the bush walks if those are manageable within the constraints of the injury.
  2. 6.     Having a bad day on the day
    If you are doing the marathon on Saturday, you can cut short and just complete the half marathon and go in the results for that event. Likewise drop to a shorter distance if doing the 3 lap ultra. However, you must advise the finish recorder you have done this. You will not be eligible for a place getter trophy if you swap to a shorter distance.
  3. 7.     Toilets and change rooms
    There are male and female toilets and change rooms at ground floor level in the Campbell high gymnasium, just near the start/finish. See the map at http://www.coolrunning.com.au/calendar/public_html/2017/2017e010.pdf

    Please arrive early and warm up early and visit the toilets early to avoid a queue. Races will be starting on time.
    There is also a portaloo at the Nature Park car park adjacent to the Hackett drink station at the 11.5 km/16.5km point on the half marathon course, and halfway point for the 10 km run and walk.


  1. 8.     Campbell High School security system
    Please do not walk close to any parts of the school building apart from the gymnasium, as this will set off the security alarm. 
  2. 9.     Start arrangements
    All competitors in each event must be at the start line 10 minutes before the start for a compulsory pre-race briefing. This is a compulsory requirement in respect of the event risk management procedures agreed by the ACT government approval agencies, and so that you understand the finish procedures with the electronic timing.
    1. 10.            Finish arrangements

Please ensure that your chest number is fully visible on the front of your jacket or T shirt as you approach the finish line. There will be a finish shute funnelling you to a finish recording tent. In that tent you must take off your chest number. If the weather is fine, there will be a scanner linked to a TV screen telling you your time and placeHand in your chest number and collect your race mug.
You can get a muesli bar or chocolate bar and a cup of soft drink or sports drink from a table near the finish area. If you are on a gluten-free diet, there will be a box of gluten free muesli bars available.

Water: Providing sufficient water for hundreds of runners at the finish in addition to soft drink and sports drink is a major logistical problem. If you are a Canberra local, can you please assist by bringing your own water bottle. Thank you.

  1. 11.             Results online

Live results will be available on any device with Web access (smartphone, tablet, PC) via the following link: http://my5.raceresult.com/82507/results?lang=en   Copy and paste this link into your browser.

Your finish time recorded will be the gun time- ie time when you crossed the finish mat minus the start time at the start cones. 

Online Finisher’s Certificate

When you access the Web result if you click on your name in any Results List a pop up box with a downloadable/printable Finisher’s Certificate will be available for you.

12. Out on the courses
Nearly all of each of the courses is within Canberra Nature Park. As a condition of access, Park Management has requested that runners and walkers do not drop empty cups or empty gels or other rubbish along the way, and that all such material is left in the garbage bags at each drink station.

We are also required to advise you that Mt Ainslie many years ago was an army firing range and a few unexploded ordinances have been found in recent years. You will not encounter any such things on the Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival trails. However, if you venture off the trail for any reason (such as answering a call of nature) and encounter any metal objects on the ground, stay right away from them and do not pick them up. If they look at all like an unexploded military device, please report the location to police.

13. Marathon and ultra marathon drink stations
The marathon does 2 laps of the half marathon course and the ultra 3 laps. There will be a drink station at the start/finish turnaround where you may put your own special drinks and food. There will also be drink stations at the 6.5km, 9.4 km, 12.8km and 16km points on each lap, with water, sports drink, jubes and other lollies.

14. Race time limits and intermediate cut off times
In the interests of competitor safety and fairness to the volunteer helpers, there are time limits and cut off times. Competitors not achieving the cut off point time in the marathon at the end of 1 lap must withdraw from the marathon at that point but will be included in the results for the half marathon. The course is hilly by marathon standards, and the second 21.1 km lap tends to be significantly slower. Similarly there are cut off times for the ultra which must be met.


15. Snakes

In the last month runners have reported seeing a record number of brown snakes and red bellied black snakes. Some of you will see a snake on the trail somewhere along your course, especially if gets sunny and quite warm late in the morning.
If you see a snake, stop and let it slither away. Do not throw anything at it (this will make it aggressive and you will be far more likely to be bitten).
Please read the section on first aid for snake bite in the following:  http://www.anaes.med.usyd.edu.au/venom/snakebite.html  In summary, if bitten, stop still, firmly bandage the affected area (use your running singlet) and get the next runner on the course to seek urgent assistance for you.

16. Mobile phone coverage
There is excellent mobile phone coverage right around Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura.


17. Photography
Photographers will be taking photos of as many participants as possible. These will be published afterwards in online photo albums and some will be published in Run For Your Life magazine and similar magazines. If you do not want your photo published, please call ‘no photographs’ to any photographer you see.

18. Event queries

Please do not email event queries on Thursday or Friday. Course marking, filling water containers and packing all the gear for the weekend takes all day from dawn until late at night. Please read this newsletter and the event information and your question should have been answered.

19. Events coming up after this weekend

See http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php?module=News&action=ShowNews&id=563
Many helpers will be needed for the Deep Space Marathon and Half Marathon on 10 December and Tour de Ridges on 17 December. Please volunteer by completing a Volunteer Registration at http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php?module=Home&action=volunteer


20. Photos and results from last year






Finally, enjoy yourself and have a good time.

John Harding
Race Director
Australian Mountain Running Association