Australian Mountain Running Championships newsletter & entry list 6 April 2018

2018 Australian Mountain Running Championships newsletter

Thank you for entering either the Championship or non-Championship events. The following is important information you need to know.

1.       Please download the event information including course maps at

2.       The race day program is now as follows:

7am Race check in and registration opens at Tolosa Park, Tolosa St, Glenorchy. Please arrive early to park, check in and collect your race bib, warm up, visit the loo, put a bag with warm gear in a vehicle going to the summit, and get to the race briefing on time.  

10 KM RACES, finish on summit of Mt Wellington (time limit 2 hours 15 mins)
7.35am: Deadline to collect race bib and pins at registration
7.40am: Deadline to put warm clothes in vehicle going to the summit
7.45am: Compulsory race briefing for both Men’s and Women’s 10 km races at registration building followed by walk/jog 250m to the start line

8am race start: Australian Men’s 10 km Championship and non-Championship 10 km for men
8.05am race start: Australian Women’s 10 km Championship and non-Championship 10 km for women

5.6 KM RACE, finish near summit of Goat Hill (time limit 50 mins)
Note: Because of the small field, all 5.6 km runners will start together. Non-championship participants must not pace or provide other assistance to Junior Championship competitors other than to render assistance in the case of injury.
7.45am: Deadline to collect race bib and pins at registration
7.50am: Deadline to put warm clothes in vehicle going to the summit
8.10am: Compulsory race briefing for all 5.6km participants at registration building followed by walk/jog 250m to the start line

8.20am race start: Australian Junior Men’s and Australian Junior Women’s 5.6 km and Non-Championship 5.6 km


Event Bib FirstName LastName Age Gender State Club
10km Championship 1 Mark Bourne 34 Male ACT  
10km Championship 2 Alan Craigie 34 Male ACT Weston Creek
10km Championship 3 Etienne Blumstein-Jones 28 Male ACT Williamstown Athletic Club 306216
10km Championship 4 Benjamin Duffus 25 Male QLD Trail Running Association of Queensland
10km Championship 5 John Winsbury 42 Male ACT  
10km Championship 6 Stu Gibson 41 Male TAS  
10km Championship 7 Chris Price 35 Male TAS Tasmanian Masters Athletics 
10km Championship 8 Sam Burridge 34 Male ACT  
10km Championship 9 David Barton 26 Male QLD Intraining
10km Championship 10 Bradley White 38 Male NT Alice Springs Running and Walking Club #7
10km Championship 11 Robbie Hunt 22 Male TAS  
10km Championship 12 David Bailey 27 Male TAS Sandy Bay Harriers
10km Championship 13 Brian Lyons 33 Male TAS Old St Virgils Athletics Club
10km Championship 14 Neil Hawthorne 64 Male TAS  
10km Championship 15 Paul Tucker 35 Male QLD Cap Coast Runners Inc  (ANQ Reg. No. 6986)
10km Championship 16 Leo Peterson 27 Male NSW UTS norths 475
10km Championship 17 Iestyn Lewis 40 Male TAS  
10km Championship 18 Daniel Nunan 34 Male TAS Ashgrove Rangers (QLD)
10km Championship 19 Dominic Perry 28 Male NSW  
10km Championship 20 Shannon Allen 28 Male TAS Northern Suburbs athletics
10km Championship 21 Stephen Blair 46 Male VIC Yarra Ranges Athletics 1610
10km Championship 22 Paul Stein 50 Male NSW Kembla Joggers – 1350 (ANSW)
10km Championship 23 Andrew Hagger 25 Male TAS Sandy Bay Harriers
10km Championship 24 Callum Fagg 27 Male ACT Sandy bay harriers
10km Championship 25 Alex Hunt 26 Male TAS  
10km Championship 26 Charles Brooks 25 Male NSW Mingara 2764
10km Championship 50 Emma Kraft 35 Female NT NT Athletics 
10km Championship 51 Joanna Sinclair 39 Female TAS  
10km Championship 52 Simone Brick 23 Female VIC South Melbourne Athletic Club 1328
10km Championship 53 Meriem Daoui 19 Female TAS Northern suburbs athletics club 
10km Championship 54 Inessa Corney 20 Female TAS UTAS athletics club, 27
10km Championship 55 Judith May 47 Female VIC Yarra Ranges Athletics 2046
10km non-Championship 100 Euan Rose 37 Male TAS Sandy Bay Harriers 779526
10km non-Championship 101 Tom Bryan 34 Male TAS Eastern Suburbs 520
10km non-Championship 102 Peter Middleton 35 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 103 Doug Strohfeld 60 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 104 Andrew Palfreyman 57 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 105 Matt Nischler 46 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 106 Russell Venn 40 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 107 Clinton Garratt 46 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 108 Jeremy Oneill 30 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 109 Torben Partridge-Madsen 22 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 110 Mathias Rasmussen 26 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 111 Kasper Hausted Svendsen 28 Male ACT  
10km non-Championship 112 Remo Herzog 32 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 113 Craig Scott 49 Male VIC  
10km non-Championship 114 Mike Hotchkis 58 Male NSW  
10km non-Championship 115 Adrian Slee 34 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 116 Craig Canham 54 Male TAS UTAS Athletics Club
10km non-Championship 117 Oskar Bucirde 19 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 118 Sam Brodribb 32 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 119 Paul English 47 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 120 Jesse Warburg 38 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 121 Richard Roffe 62 Male TAS  
10km non-Championship 60 Kylie Garratt 43 Female TAS  
10km non-Championship 61 Zoe Melling 48 Female NSW  
10km non-Championship 62 Maree Mcculley 47 Female TAS Eastern Suburbs Athletics Club
10km non-Championship 63 Michele Callisaya 46 Female TAS  
10km non-Championship 64 Nerida Warburg 40 Female TAS  
5.6km Championship 200 Eligh Morris 18 Male NSW Kembla joggers
5.6km Championship 201 Will Atkinson 19 Male NSW Asics West Track and Field – 2967
5.6km Championship 202 Alex Race-Stelling 17 Male VIC Wodonga Athletic Club, AV #2364
5.6km Championship 203 Indeah Morris 15 Female NSW Kembla joggers
5.6km Championship 204 Arabella Phillips 16 Female TAS  
5.6km non-Championship 205 Digby Race 52 Male VIC Wodonga Athletic Club, AV #538 
5.6km non-Championship 206 Ryan Marshall 16 Male TAS  
5.6km non-Championship 207 William O’farrell 32 Male TAS  
5.6km non-Championship 208 Kevin O’flaherty 41 Male TAS  

3.       Weather forecast

The forecast for Hobart for Sunday is “Cloudy. Medium (60%) chance of rain (3 to 10mm), most likely in the afternoon and evening. Light winds.” The Manager of Wellington Park advises that the forecast for the summit of Mt Wellington for Sunday morning is 3 to 6 degrees, showers, with 30 to 40 kph winds from the north west. He has given approval for the 10km race to go ahead to finish on the summit but says that there is a high risk of hyperthermia in these conditions and it is essential that participants have warm dry gear to change into as soon as they finish if it is raining and windy. He said that the course has rain and wind protection to a large extent until the last 400m on the Zig Zag track. It was planned to finish the 10km races at the end of the Zig Zag track if fine. Instead, because of the likelihood of showers, at the end of the track on the summit runners will turn right on to the road and run 100m to finish outside the stone shelter (see Australian Mountain Running Facebook page photos of the 10km course and the stone shelter) where the time keeper and recorder will be located out of the rain to enable them to record on dry paper.
Similar conditions are also likely to be experienced at the finish of the 5.6km race on Goat Hill.
It is suggested that slower competitors run with a lightweight wind proof, water proof jacket and gloves to provide protection against hyperthermia.

4.       Course surfaces and recommended shoes
Trail running shoes with good grip are strongly recommended. The 5.6 km course is wholly on wide fire trail but has some steep sections with a loose surface (good grip and care are needed on the descent on the return jog or walk back to Tolosa Park).
The 10 km course is like a European mountain running championship course with a mix of surfaces including good fire trail, rocky walking trail, compacted dirt walking trail, and slippery mud.

5.       Drink stations
There will be a drink station at the finish of the 5.6km race. For the 10km race there will be a drink station on a table inside the Chalet building immediately after crossing The Pinnacle Road, and a drink station at the finish.

6.       No rubbish to be left on the course
Please do not discard cups, gel wrappers or any other rubbish anywhere on the courses, only in the pop up rubbish bins at the drink stations.

7.       Race rules
Much of the 10km course is single track and runners in both the men’s and women’s races will at times want to pass runners in front of them. It is expected in particular that the leading runners in the women’s race will catch and want to pass the slower runners in the men’s race. If you want to pass the runner in front of you, call out ‘passing’ and the runner in front should move to the side and let you through.

8.       Hazards
Please watch out for mountain bike riders during the first 2 kms.
You may encounter hikers on the course. Please be polite and ask them nicely if you can get past them. Above all, do not bump them or verbally abuse them.
At the Pinnacle Road crossing, runners have no right of way over vehicles. You must stop and wait to cross if the race marshals tell you to do so. At the summit, if it is raining and the last 100m is on the road, please look out for oncoming traffic and take care.  
There are stony, rocky and muddy parts of each course. Please concentrate and take care.

9.       Getting back down the mountain
All runners, unless injured, in the 5.6km race are expected to make their way back to Tolosa Park after finishing. Please take care on the steep downhill section as it can be slippery. Also take care going through the Tolosa Park mountain bike area as there is a mountain bike event scheduled at around 10.30am.
For the 10km race, 23 of you have advised that you have transport back down the mountain. You will be emailed to ask if you can transport any other finishers requiring a lift back to Tolosa Park, and how many you can take with you. We believe that we should have enough vehicles to get everyone back down using vehicles of race officials at the summit, spectators and race finishers with their own transport. However, we will have backup of a taxi minibus.


10.   Presentation of awards
Bearing in mind travel constraints, the presentation of awards for each event will take place when everyone from the event is back down the mountain but may be brought forward for place getters if needing to leave to catch a plane or meet some other travel requirement.  Draft presentation timetable: 10.50am Australian Junior Championships and non-Championship 5.6 km; 11.30am Australian Senior Men’s and Women’s Championships and non-Championship 10km.

11.   State teams and national selection
Athletics Australia has provided team medals for the senior men’s and women’s championships: you must be a currently registered member of a state athletics association club to be eligible (decided on the 1st three registered runners from each state). You must also be a currently registered member of a state athletics association club and an Australian citizen to be eligible to be considered for Australian selection. Athletes provisionally selected in the Australian team for the World Championships in Andorra in September will be emailed a team application to complete and ask to confirm whether they accept selection. A maximum of 4 senior men, 4 senior women, 3 junior men and 3 junior women may be selected. Only runners assessed as being internationally competitive will be selected; finishing in the top 4 or top 3 on Sunday does not guarantee selection.

12.   Thank you
UTAS Athletics Club is providing nearly all of the race officials. They are very experienced in providing support to the Point to Pinnacle and other distance running events in Hobart.
Wellington Park, Hobart City Council and Glenorchy City Council have provided approvals for access and assistance for the event.
Neil Hawthorne and Graham Field for the race maps.
Steve Appleby who has done a mountain of work in organising the event and sign posting the courses. 
Tracy Canham, volunteer coordinator from UTAS Athletics. 
St John Ambulance for first aid.


Enjoy your run.

John Harding
Australian Mountain Running Association