Crackenback Challenge at Thredbo now on Sunday 13 January

ANOUNCEMENT FROM THREDBO FUN and FITNESS WEEK (formerly National Running Week)

One of the first FFW events has been the Crackenback Challenge at 3pm on the Saturday, kicking off after registrations have been completed. Kosciusko Thredbo management have expressed concern about the safety aspects of this event, with our runners/walkers heading up the mountain at the same time as the downhill mountain bikers are flying down in the opposite direction. KT also advised that there has been a rapid growth in the number of riders using the downhill tracks in recent times, and a few new tracks added.

In view of this, it has been agreed with Kosciusko Thredbo that we will move the Crackenback Challenge to 8:30am on the Sunday morning, 13 January.  This is a good solution because the chairlift will open at 8:30am and the mountain bikers are not able to ride the chairlift up the mountain until 9:30am.  So our event should be completed by the time the first riders start down the mountain.

Given the gap this creates on the Saturday arvo, Phil and Margaret O’Donovan (major sponsor) have decided that the fun run that is normally on the Sunday morning at 11am will be moved to fill the 3pm Saturday afternoon slot.  So please note these changes on your FFW programs.

Program Changes:

Brian Lenton Thredbo Fun Run/Walk, Village Green, now 3pm, Saturday, 12 January 2019

Crackenback Challenge, Valley Terminal, now 8:30am,  Sunday, 13 January 2019

Merry Xmas and look forward to seeing you all at Thredbo in a few weeks.


Tony Greenwell