2019 Australian mountain running team

The Australian Mountain Running Association is pleased to announce the Australian team for the World Mountain Running Championships and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in Argentina on 15 and 15 November 2019:

Senior men’s 14 km (ascent and descent 754m)
Michael Chapman ACT
Jeremy Hunt QLD
Will Atkinson NSW
Leo Peterson NSW
Senior women’s 14 km
Simone Brick VIC
Jasmine Sargeant NSW
Audrey Hall QLD
Kate Seibold VIC
Junior men’s 6.6 km (ascent 393m, descent 475m)
Sam Griffiths NSW
Chace Eldridge QLD
Baha’a Fayoumi QLD
Junior women’s 6.6 km
Elena Stephenson QLD
World long distance championship (42 km, ascent and descent 2184m)
Kellie Emmerson VIC
Meagan Brown QLD
Elizabeth Humphries ACT

Manager:Tim Crosbie VIC

website: http://www.wmrch2019.com.ar/