Deep Space Mountain Marathon Festival 2019 enewsletter

Deep Space Mountain Marathon Festival 2019 enewsletter
Race day – Sunday 3 November


1. Venue and course: Orroral Space Tracking Station picnic area, Namadgi National Park

The start/finish is at the Orroral Space Tracking Station at the end of the Orroral Road in Namadgi National Park.
Please download the course map and other event information at

2. Weather forecast and gear requirements

See and

Sunday 3 November:15 to 24 degrees.
6am Slight chance (42%)  of a shower 15 degrees
9am Slight chance (44%) of a shower 19 degrees
12 noon Slight chance (48%) of a shower 22 degrees
3pm Heavy rain

Therefore come prepared for wet weather with a lightweight rain jacket to run in/carry with you in your hydration pack and change of clothes and shoes on finishing.

Make sure you have running shoes for the race which have very good grip as the running surface is steep in places.

Compulsory gear:  If you are doing the half marathon or marathon, please wear a hydration vest, or Camelback, or carry a 500ml water mug, and top up at the drink stations which will have water and sports drink containers with taps. It is highly recommended that you carry a snake bite bandage. If you are doing the 8km or 5km, then carrying a mug should be fine if you will need a drink along the way.

3. Race bibs and race check in

On race morning you will need to report in on arriving and bring your compulsory gear for a gear check to collect your race bib. Your race number is listed in the start list at the end of this bulletin.

Please arrive in plenty of time for this (at least 40 minutes before your start time) and to visit the loo (you must use the portaloo in the carpark as using the picnic area toilets will overload them). There is a compulsory pre-start briefing 10 minutes before each event covering safety and other issues. Please be at the start line 10 minutes before your start for this briefing. The briefing may be conducted in the picnic shelter if it is raining.

4. Detailed event information

Please download and read the detailed event information, including a map of the course and race time limits and cut off times, at

Start times are:

7am                42.2 km marathon, 1290m of ascent

8am                21.1 km half marathon run/walk, 645m of ascent

9am                8 km run/walk; 5 km run/walk


Course descriptions.:
Start/finish at Orroral Deep Space sign in the Orroral Tracking Station overflow carpark on the left.
Half marathon course: From Orroral Tracking Station to Honeysuckle Tracking Station campground and return on well maintained 4WD road. See map in the event information.
Marathon: 2 laps of Half Marathon course.
8 km course: an out and back undulating course which avoids the half marathon course steep hill. The course turns around at the 4km mark. It is then 4 km to the finish.
5 km course: out and back on the half marathon course. The 2.5 km turnaround point is just past the Orroral River bridge.

5. Car pooling, getting there and parking when you arrive

Be careful driving: there are lots of kangaroos on the roads early morning and late afternoon/evening. Allow at least 65 minutes driving from the centre of Canberra.

From Central Canberra, travel to Tharwa. After crossing the historic bridge over the Murrumbidgee River at Tharwa, stay to the left and drive south, on the Boboyan Road passing the Namadgi National Park Visitors Centre. Continue on this road until you get to the Orroral Road turnoff sign. Turn right on to this road and follow it to the end of the bitumen. CAUTION: On entering Namadgi National Park please drive at 40 kph only as there are many kangaroos and most have no road sense.

PARKING: When arriving, do NOT park in the small public carpark. Follow the FUN RUN PARKING signs to the left then turn right to park in a large concrete base area. Registration will be adjacent to this area.

6. Accommodation in southern Tuggeranong

Kana Arena, a runner in the 8 km, has an Airbnb self contained studio with king bed at Greenway in southern Tuggeranong for $80. Contact Kana on 0402196411.

  • Country Comfort Inn, 46 Rowland Rees Cres, Greenway
  • Abode Tuggeranong, 150 Anketell Street, Greenway

7. Camping:

Avoid driving early morning. Camp overnight at the Orroral campground, a 10 minute drive from the race venue. Pay at the Namadgi Visitors Centre on the way out on Saturday afternoon( $10), or book online.

Features: A covered shelter with seating, fireplace and gas BBQ.; Composting toilets. No showers; Shared wood BBQs (bring your own firewood); Sealed road access. In camping, please bring your own supply of water and food, plus a rubbish bag to take all garbage home with you.

8. DRINK STATIONS & TOILETS ON THE COURSE: There are drink stations at the start/finish; after 2.5kms, after 7kms and at the 10.55km turnaround point near the Honeysuckle Tracking Station camp ground.

There will be water, sports drink and lollies (Jubes) at each drink station. Marathon runners can also set up their own halfway refreshments.

Please note that the run/walk is wholly within Namadgi National Park; do not drop cups or gel wrappers or any other rubbish along the course, leave them only at drink stations.

There is a portaloo close to the start/finish area and another toilet only 150 metres from the half marathon turnaround point at Honeysuckle. Please use these and not the bush in the national park. If you do go into the bush, Namadgi rangers have asked that you only do so at least 100m from a water course, that you did a 15 cm hole and cover it up afterwards.

TOILETS ON THE WAY TO THE RACE: In past years there was a long queue for the toilets pre-start and some people missed the pre-start briefing. Please consider stopping on the way to the race at the toilet block in Tharwa on your left immediately after crossing the bridge over the Murrumbidgee River, or at the Orroral camp ground toilet block.


Time limits are necessary for personal safety and for consideration to drink station attendants who volunteer many hours to help on the day.

The following time limits shall apply and persons not achieving the time limits will be disqualified.

Marathon: must reach the halfway point in 2 hrs 45 mins to continue, then the finish in 5 hrs 30 mins to not be disqualified. Any marathon runner who withdraws at the 21.1k point (at the start/finish) will be included in the half marathon results but will not be eligible for half marathon place getter awards.

Half marathon run/walk: 4 hours 20 mins.

8 km run/walk: 2 and half hours.

The awards are as follows, and will be presented as each finisher crosses the finish line:
Large engraved medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd males and females in the marathon, half marathon, 8k and 5k runs.
For all other finishers: Deep Space finisher mugs.


One reason for the time limit is the danger of dehydration and heat stress. Another is that Namadgi National Park has both dangerous brown snakes and red bellied black snakes and they come out onto the tracks from mid to late morning onwards on warm days. Please be aware of this potential danger.

Please read the section on first aid for snake bite in the following: In summary, if bitten, stop still, firmly bandage the affected area (use your running singlet) and get the next runner on the course to seek urgent assistance for you.

12. MOBILE PHONE COVERAGE: There is none at Orroral.


In the Bush Capital Bush Marathon and Ultra in July 2010 several runners who were carrying significant injuries ran anyway. Some even carried pain killers and took them on the run. This is highly dangerous. In the Deep Space marathon it is even more dangerous if sections of the course end up being closed to vehicles and the only way you can be rescued from the course is using the Canberra hospital rescue helicopter (which will be very expensive for you).
So if you are carrying an injury, or suffering from an illness, do NOT run.


Please see


GoPro video by Peter Komidar:


Marathon: John Winsbury 3.09.34; Angela Bateup (44km) 3.50.34.
Half marathon: Matt Crane 1.26.33; Lizzie Ingham 1.48.17.
10 km: Matthew Zeitlhofer 42.53; Melissa Clarke 48.55.
8 km: Aston Duncan 33.04; Natasha Beck 39.10
5 km: Greg Hosking 21.55; Leanne Laajoki 21.20.


17.TOUR DE RIDGES, Sunday 15 DECEMBER: 10.6k; 15.3k; 21.2 k

Download the event information and enter online at

Helpers are needed for this: register online to help at
Helpers receive wine or chocolate.

19. NO DOGS!! It is a national park!


Please read the event information and this newsletter. Your question should be answered! Do not email or message any queries after Friday as there is no mobile or internet contact in the Orroral Valley.

John Harding
Event organiser
Australian Mountain Running Association

Entry list

Event RaceNumber FirstName LastName Age Gender
Marathon 201 Benjamin Wilson 33 Male
Marathon 202 Brendan Codrington 38 Male
Marathon 203 Peter Wilson 41 Male
Marathon 204 Darren McClellan 47 Male
Marathon 205 Ingo Ernst 48 Male
Marathon 206 Adrian Cengia 50 Male
Marathon 207 Tim Shillington 51 Male
Marathon 208 Stephen Graham 55 Male
Marathon 209 Pam Muston 59 Female
Half Marathon 210 Trent Blinco 25 Male
Half Marathon 211 Thomas White 28 Male
Half Marathon 212 Sam Kearon 29 Male
Half Marathon 213 Oscar Torres 30 Male
Half Marathon 214 Payton Heffernan 31 Male
Half Marathon 215 Chris Allison 33 Male
Half Marathon 216 Steve Adams 35 Male
Half Marathon 217 Rowan Lewis 35 Male
Half Marathon 218 Kale Dyer 37 Male
Half Marathon 219 Luke Kay 37 Male
Half Marathon 220 Jackson Gothe-Snape 37 Male
Half Marathon 221 Lee Brennan 39 Male
Half Marathon 222 James Buchanan 40 Male
Half Marathon 223 Brent Rebecca 40 Male
Half Marathon 224 Stephen Watt 40 Male
Half Marathon 225 Shaun Mccabe 41 Male
Half Marathon 226 Brendan Davies 42 Male
Half Marathon 227 Markus Mannheim 43 Male
Half Marathon 228 Craig Dawson 45 Male
Half Marathon 229 Duncan Byrne 45 Male
Half Marathon 230 Ken Mansell 46 Male
Half Marathon 231 Alec Tattersall 47 Male
Half Marathon 232 Robin Fieldhouse 49 Male
Half Marathon 233 Luke Buckmaster 50 Male
Half Marathon 234 Steve Perry 50 Male
Half Marathon 235 Glenn Paterson 52 Male
Half Marathon 236 Matthew Thomas 52 Male
Half Marathon 237 Peter Tutty 54 Male
Half Marathon 238 Philip Milne 54 Male
Half Marathon 239 George O’Kane 55 Male
Half Marathon 240 Paul Newall 59 Male
Half Marathon 241 Narasimha Bandi 65 Male
Half Marathon 242 Trevor Jacobs 67 Male
Half Marathon 243 Peter Clarke 69 Male
Half Marathon 244 Michael Wilson 71 Male
Half Marathon 245 Rachel Burns 28 Female
Half Marathon 246 Monika Holmwood 30 Female
Half Marathon 247 Patricia McKibbin 31 Female
Half Marathon 248 Anne Thomas 31 Female
Half Marathon 249 Roxanna Lane 35 Female
Half Marathon 250 Mem Bossard 35 Female
Half Marathon 251 Fiona Morgan 35 Female
Half Marathon 252 Jacqueline Hrast 37 Female
Half Marathon 253 Lee Steel 39 Female
Half Marathon 254 Tegan Fenson 40 Female
Half Marathon 255 Marlo Perry 40 Female
Half Marathon 256 Carika Nagel 42 Female
Half Marathon 257 Kaye Solari 45 Female
Half Marathon 258 Marnie Shaw 45 Female
Half Marathon 259 Beck Brown 46 Female
Half Marathon 260 Annie Schofield 50 Female
Half Marathon 261 Kerron Clare 52 Female
Half Marathon 262 Jasmina Svoboda 53 Female
Half Marathon 263 Joanne Seisun 55 Female
Half Marathon 264 Gabrielle Brown 56 Female
Half Marathon 265 Sue Bowden 63 Female
8km run 300 Max Robertson 23 Male
8km run 301 Matthew O’Brien 24 Male
8km run 302 Adam Flint 37 Male
8km run 303 Matt Ford 37 Male
8km run 304 Adam Tibballs 38 Male
8km run 305 Luke Payten 41 Male
8km run 306 Jason McHattan 51 Male
8km run 307 Paul Johnson 53 Male
8km run 308 Mark Witham 53 Male
8km run 309 Tony Krone 59 Male
8km run 310 Michael Dunning 81 Male
8km run 311 Kaitlin Primrose 22 Female
8km run 312 Bernadette Toohey 24 Female
8km run 313 Annelies Grogan 28 Female
8km run 314 Sam Hayden 33 Female
8km run 315 Louise Roberts 36 Female
8km run 316 Rebecca Gee 37 Female
8km run 317 Rebecca Minty 38 Female
8km run 318 Kristy Primrose 39 Female
8km run 319 Jacqui Adams 40 Female
8km run 320 Amanda Mccue 47 Female
8km run 321 Vickie Mackay 49 Female
8km run 322 Jan Kruger 49 Female
8km run 323 Kana Adera 49 Female
8km run 324 Hilary Caldwell 53 Female
8km run 325 Amanda Garland 54 Female
8km run 326 Mira Dumancic 57 Female
8km run 327 Libby Salmon 58 Female
8km run 328 Tanya Kiermaier 59 Female
8km run 329 Jennifer Mckibbin 60 Female
8km run 330 Judith Bibo 62 Female
5km run 331 Caleb Quispes 11 Male
5km run 332 Xavier Quispes 14 Male
5km run 333 Jose Quispes Garay 51 Male
5km run 334 Simon Tilley 55 Male
5km run 335 Jim White 70 Male
5km run 336 Heidi Young 6 Female
5km run 337 Rebecca Tilley 12 Female
5km run 338 Hannah Quispes 13 Female
5km run 339 Natasha Tilley 15 Female
5km run 340 Julia Graczyk 51 Female
5km run 341 Stephanie Quispes Garay 52 Female