COVID Safe Guidelines

Australian Mountain Running Association (AMRA)

COVID Safe Guidelines as at 16 November 2020

Compliance with ACT Health COVID Safe restrictions

AMRA will comply with ACT Health restrictions at current at the time of each event.

In particular:

  • No entries will be accepted from any localities designated by ACT Health as COVID hot spots
  • No entries will be accepted from persons who have tested positive to COVID or are required to self isolate or are awaiting results of a COVID test
  • As of 13 Nov 2020, ACT Health allows up to 500 participants in an outdoors running event without requiring a special permit. AMRA will cap entries to events at 500 to ensure compliance.
  • Entrants who feel unwell will be told not to attend, as will entrants with preexisting injuries
  • Social distancing of 1 person per 2 square metres in the outdoors will be maintained. There will be no hand shaking, hugs or high 5s
  • No food or drinks will be provided; competitors must have a hydration vest or carry a water bottle for events longer than 10 km plus bring their own food and drink for themselves after finishing an event
  • Competitors will be asked to follow good hygiene measures such as cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or a tissue, avoid touching the face, eyes, nose and mouth, and dispose of tissues hygienically
  • Hand sanitisers will be made available at each event for use before and after running, and for use before and after visiting toilet facilities
  • To ensure compliance with contract tracing requirements, all entries for paid entry events will be online only, containing contact tracing details and closing a few days before race day; race officials will register online with their contact details. There are usually no spectators at AMRA events; those who do are close family members of participants.
  • For the free monthly Mt Ainslie and Black Mountain Run Ups (fields of 10 to 25 competitors) name and mobile number will be collected from all participants before the start of each event
  • Electronic timing mats at the start and finish of paid events will be used to ensure a minimum of 1 person per 2 square metres social distancing at the start (as time recording does not commence until a participant runs over the start mat)
  • All entrants will receive a detailed race briefing by email during the week preceding the race and should take the time to read it carefully as there may be updates to the start times, courses etc. The start line briefing will be kept to a maximum of 2 minutes in accordance with COVID best practice guidelines.
  • Competitors in AMRA events will be asked to buy a durable race bib with electronic timing chip that they will keep for all future AMRA events, thus minimising handling of race bibs and pins.