The Australian Mountain Running Association seeks to publicise the following categories of events:

  • All designated mountain running races in Australia, and international mountain running events in which Australians either participate or may be interested in participating.
  • Other up and down, and uphill, running events throughout Australia that include significant climbs up large hills or designated mountains.
  • Running events, including flat events, in mountain country in Australia.
  • Stair running races up city skyscraper buildings in Australia.
  • Related events of interest to mountain runners.

Event organisers are encouraged to provide information on upcoming races:

  • Date, venue, starting times, event distances, course descriptions, entry fees, closing dates, contact person with phone number, email and postal address. Entry forms if provided sufficiently in advance will be included in a mail out to AMRA members and made available at AMRA events.
  • Full results and race description as soon as possible after the event.